Lefkada for Horseback Riding Holidays

Lefkada for Horseback Riding Holidays

Horse Riding Lefkada on the Beach
Riding on the Beach

Are you ready to live an experience that will immerse you in nature and make you feel free! If yes, then go to Lefkada for horseback riding holidays on a beach. In particular, on Agios Ioannis beach where you can swim with your horse! Inhaling the salty air, listening to the sea breeze and adoring the sea sunset on the back of your horse! What else do you need to relax on a summer beach holiday!

Horseback Riding Farms Nearby Agios Ioannis Beach

Lefkada Horseback Riding Holidays
Farm near Agios Ioannis Beach

There are two farms on the island. One nearby to the Agios Ioannis beach and the other one at Apolpena village. Both of them offer escort guides that will make you feel comfortable and safe during your horseback riding session. They also have all the necessary equipment and their horses are very beautiful! Of course, it’s up to you to choose the time either in the morning until 10 a.m. or in the evening until sunset. I would recommend you the evening session to enjoy the stunning sea sunset of Agios Ioannis beach! However, in the morning session you can enjoy swimming with the horses!

Horseback Riding Tips

Horseback riding on Agios Ioannis Olives Forest Lefkada
A Horseback riding trail

Before your riding experience here are some essentials you must have to enjoy with confidence. First of all you need to wear closed toe shoes to protect your feet. Second you need to wear long pants and for the beach they should be from light fabric and not jeans. Third you always need to wear a helmet. Last but not least, you should stay hydrated so bring your own water for the ride.

Finally, do not forget that exercising during your holidays is a good healthy habit and horseback riding is a nice idea to try on your beach holiday in Lefkada. Horseback riding can be another part of your wellness holidays in LEFKASEABNB. After all, we always love hosting you to our seafront Guesthouses every summer.