4 Reasons to visit the Faneromeni Monastery of Lefkada

A must religious visit in Lefkada

4 reasons to visit Faneromeni Monastery of Lefkada

Every year the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s feast in Greece is on 15th of August. All Greeks around the world celebrate that Holy Day with great respect and honour to Her. In particular, ‘Panagia’ is the Greek name of Virgin Mary. Therefore, many Greeks name their children ‘Panagiotis’ to honour ‘Panagia’. After all, She is also the patron saint of Lefkada! For this reason, the name ‘Panagiotis’ for men and ‘Panagiota’ for women not only is quite popular in Greece but in Lefkada as well. Also, quite a few of monasteries in the island are dedicated to Her. However, it is the Faneromeni monastery that keeps in its premises the miraculous Holy icon of Virgin Mary or ‘Panagia’ for Greeks. The monastery is on top of Lefkada town’s hill. Of course, this place is a must religious visit. In particular, there are 4 reasons to visit the Faneromeni Monastery of Lefkada. 

Why to visit the Faneromeni Monastery

why to visit the monastery downtown lefkada faneromeni seven islands

The majority of people don’t find a motive to visit a monastery during their summer holidays. However, here are 4 reasons to visit the Faneromeni Monastery of Lefkada.

First of all, for the Holy icon which according to the legend, a monk saw ‘Panagia’ as an oracle in Constantinople that time the capital of Byzantium. As the monk was an hagiographer, he decided to make a painting depicting ‘Panagia’ as he has seen Her. Later on, other monks brought the miraculous Holy icon to the monastery of Faneromeni. Unfortunately in 1887 a wild fire devastated the monastery completely.

However, monks and locals built the monastery again. Then another hagiographer monk, this time in Mount Athos painted the Holy icon again on behalf of the new monastery. Finally, on 14th and 15th of August local celebrations and a litany of the miraculous icon take place outside the Monastery. So, do not miss to take part by visiting the place.

Second, for the museum that operates in the monastery since 2006 with some impressive religious exhibits.  

4 reasons to visit Faneromeni museum

Third, for the breath taking view. You can adore the Lefkada town, the lagoon and the Agios Ioannis bay from the monastery’s entrance.


The breath taking view at the Faneromeni Monastery of Lefkada

Last but not least, for the little zoo with deer and exotic birds. The monks take care all of them and the animals are more than happy and in good shape.

Faneromeni Monastery zoo 4 reasons to visit the place

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