5 Greek Dishes 2 Taste on Vacations in Lefkada.

5 Greek Dishes you should taste in Lefkada

Tasting Greek kitchen while you are on vacations in Greece should be a delicious experience and a beautiful memory of the place you visited. After all, on vacations, we should please our senses and taste is one of them. So when you are in Lefkada, try tasting some Greek dishes. Of course only specific taverns, we will disclose you during your stay in LEFKASEABNB, serve the most tasty specialties.

Pastitsio and Mousaka the Famous Greek Dishes

Without doubt these special dishes are the epitome of the Greek kitchen. Of course one secret for both recipes is the making of béchamel sauce on top. The other is the cooking of the meat sauce. However it is the tradition which make them so popular. Moreover both recipes are very old in the “index” of Greek kitchen. In old times Greek mothers used to cook both recipes with their own secrets, “in order to save their marriages”. So obviously, the most tasty ones are homemade and they serve them in specific villages on mountainous Lefkada.

Greek dishes should try

Lamb Chops (Paedakia) in a Grill Tavern

Everybody knows that Greek souvlaki is the Greek kitchen’s trademark. For this reason you can find it almost everywhere in tourist areas of the island. However, Greeks in general and the locals prefer a dish of lamb chops in a grill tavern on mountainous Lefkada. So, don’t miss the chance to taste the local meat of lamb cooked on charcoals by villagers in the countryside of Lefkas.

Greek Dishes Lamb chops

Local Greek dishes of Lefkada : Sepia (cuttlefish) Risotto and Fish Bourdeto

Lefkada is an island and fishing is a way of living for the majority of the locals. For this reason, the local kitchen has mainly fish recipes. In particular the cuttlefish with rice, boiled in its ink and red fish with potatoes, boiled in red sauce (local name, bourdeto) are the most popular ones. Of course you can watch the video below for bourdeto cooked by local chefs of Lefkada.

greek dishes risotto cuttlefish lefkas local specialty

Finally, don’t miss the festival of Lefkada’s gastronomy each year at the first week of July.

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