5 Reasons to Visit Lefkada in May

5 Reasons to Visit Lefkada in May

5 reasons to visit Lefkada in May LEFKASEABNB

Lefkada is not only renown for its breath-taking beaches but also for its beautiful mountainous countryside. In other words, Lefkada and the other Ionian islands have some additional reasons to be proud of. So, If you plan to visit Greece this year then find here 5 reasons to visit Lefkada in May.

Lefkada a Fascinating Destination in Spring

5 reasons to visit Lefkas in spring
Agios Ioannis Beach in Spring

We all know that in late Spring, mother Nature turns back to life. Therefore, this is the time when the whole island becomes a colourful destination in an inviting explosion of aromas. So, if you like strolls or hiking then Lefkada has got you covered! In particular, the island is a paradise for walkers and hiking fans as there are plenty of options here. Just wear your sneakers, take a picnic bag with you and start your daily journey in a lush vegetation scenery.

Take a Stroll in the Old Town Alleys

Visit Lefkas town in May
Old Town Alleys in May

Old town of Lefkada is its beautiful alleys, full of colours and flowers. Just take a stroll in a travel in time by wandering in these alleys and enjoy a coffee in the main square of the old town. Finally, try an aperitif like a glass of ouzo with Greek meze at a seaside bar either in east or in west waterfront of the town.

Fewer Crowds on Breath-Taking Beaches

Lefkada in May, Egremni beach
Egremni Beach in Spring

Lefkada is mostly renown for its breath-taking beaches in an incredible scenery of blue and green. However, to visit the west coast beaches late in July or in August is out of the question as they are overcrowded. On the contrary, in May or June you feel like living in a blue paradise on earth!

Affordable Prices Another Good Reason

Lefkada Seaside Tavern in Spring
Lefkada Seaside Tavern

Of course, visiting Greece and Lefkada in particular on budget is possible. In fact in May all prices in hotels and restaurants are affordable so this is another good reason. After all, Lefkada is a cheap summer destination for Greeks as well.

Mild Weather & Temperatures

Lefkada Springtime
Lefkada Windmills Beach in Spring

In particular, the weather in Lefkada is good and the average temperature in May is about 24 degrees Celsius approximately. However, there are some rainy days but usually 5 to 7 the most during the whole month.

Finally, we look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Lefkada whenever you prefer. After all, we love hosting you in LEFKASEABNB every summer!

Love to hearing from you!

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