5 Secluded Beaches 2 Relax in Lefkada

Discover 5 Secluded Beaches 2 Relax in Lefkas

Number 5 : Krioneri Beach

summer getaway krioneri lefkada 5 secluded beaches

One of the 5 secluded beaches to relax on in beautiful Lefkada which comes 5th in our list is Krioneri beach. Krioneri means ‘Cold Fresh Water’ in English as it really flows under the sand into the sea. It is a little beach just beside Agios Ioannis bay. In particular, this beach is under the traditional stone house built on the big rock at the end of the bay. It’s a lovely beach which actually has a hidden access by foot, a secret narrow path over the big rock mentioned. For decades it used to be a locals’ choice and at nights a beach for secret lovers! Of course, it still is but not in August when the tourists appear to be almost anywhere anytime in the island.

Number 4: Kaminia Beach

5 secluded beaches 2 relax in Lefkas

Kaminia is another little beach with clear crystalline waters which actually is right after Krioneri beach on foot. Also, it has access by car from Tsoukalades village. It is a peaceful beach usually for families. Of course, you should carry a backpack with all the necessary provisions like water, towels and an umbrella.   

Number 3: Lakka Beach

5 secluded beaches to relax lakka beach lefkas

Lakka beach is close to Desimi beach and Vlycho sailing yachts’ bay. This lovely beach has access only by boat which you can rent from Desimi or from Nydri port. There is also a little cave to explore there. Also, it’s ideal for snorkelling to enjoy the beautiful colours of the sea bottom.

Number 2: Afteli Beach

5 secluded beaches Afteli Lefkada

Afteli beach comes second to our list as its blue, green and crystalline waters are stunning. This beach is very close to Evgiros village on the way to Vasiliki, the south port of Lefkas. It has access by car and a seafront bar restaurant is right on the beach to have a drink or enjoy a lunch there. However, you should avoid visiting this little beach by car as usual in August.  

Number 1: Avali Beach

Avali beach Lefkas

And the winner is Avali beach on the west coast of the island after Kavalikefta beach. This stunning beach with its unbelievable turquoise waters has access by car by a steep road from Kalamitsi village. However, it’s better to go there by a motorbike especially in August. Also, there is a lovely canteen and a beach bar to enjoy a drink in front of an amazing sea sunset.

Finally, this summer, Lefkada, one of the seven Ionian islands of Greece, awaits you to discover its super star beaches!!

Welcome to the island of turquoise waters!!

Love to hearing from you!

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