A Beautiful Day in Lefkas Sea BnB

A Beautiful Day in Lefkas Sea BnB

A beautiful day in Lefkas sea bnb
Balcony view

Summer holidays in Lefkas are for those who love watersports and like to be treated with lots of vitamins sea. For example, a summer holiday in Lefkas is a beautiful day in Lefkas sea bnb. A seafront resort on Agios Ioannis beach in Lefkada to relax and live beautiful summer memories with your loved ones.

Cool Morning with Lady’s Blue Company

A beautiful day in Lefkas Agios Ioannis beach
Agios Ioannis Beach A Blue Flag Beach

As you wake up in the morning the first beautiful presence that you see in LEFKASEABNB is the Lady Blue just in front of your window. Next, you feel her breath on your sea balcony as the morning breeze touches your face. In particular, practicing yoga in the morning is the right time to relax on the beach. Just feel grateful for the moment, for what you see, feel, smell and hear. As you relax on the sand, try to inhale and exhale slowly and live these private moments with all of your senses. After all, you are on a holiday to relax your body and soul. However, if you like doing watersports like SUP or Kayak then that’s the right time as the sea is very calm and the water is incredibly clear.

A Breakfast with Vitamin Sea and Fresh Strawberries

A beautiful day in Lefkas strawberries of Lefkaseabnb
Our fresh strawberries

After the morning relaxing time on the beach, prepare a tasty breakfast on your sea view balcony with local biscuits, honey, yogurt, and strawberries. Just sit and enjoy your coffee under the pine tree at the entrance hearing the morning tweets from the birds above you. Afterward, you can go by bike to the town to do the shopping at the fruit, fish and meat markets. At noon, enjoy your lunch on the balcony or at a nearby beachfront tavern. Finally, in the evening see how the color of the sea changes and feel how the wind is getting stronger. That’s the surfers’ show time. Hundreds of wind and kite surfers enjoy their favorite sport on this beach every summer.

Sea Sunsets to Remember Forever

A beautiful day in Lefkas sunsets to remember for ever
Agios Ioannis Sea Sunsets

One of the best sunset spots in Lefkas is on Agios Ioannis beach. Enjoy unbelievable sea sunsets from your sea view balcony or at a beach bar nearby. As the sun goes down into the sea the Lady’s Blue dress becomes purple from red and the whole scenery a romantic painting. Also, the sunset view from the nearby lagoon is a spectacular show of beautiful colors. For this reason, you should treasure these moments forever by taking as many photos as you can.

A beautiful day with a glass of sea
Cheers (Yamas) with a Glass of Sea

Finally, don’t forget to drink a glass of local ouzo or an old liqueur from a local distillery in the old town of Lefkas. But the best is a glass of sea from this magic place with the company of Lady Blue!

Cheers (Yamas in Greek) to you all and your loved ones.

Welcome to LEFKASEABNB! See you soon this summer on the beach in front!!

Love to hearing from you!

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