Absolute Blue Vacations in Lefkada

Experience Absolute Blue Vacations in Lefkada

Absolute blue vacations in Lefkada

Lefkada is an island well renowned in Greece for its stunning blue beaches. Every summer the island is a pole of attraction for beach lovers and water sports fans. In particular, all the west coast of the island offers amazing superstar beaches with incredible blue colour. After all, every summer Lefkada is on the headline news of many popular travel magazines. For example, the CN Traveller magazine reports that Lefkada is a top destination for some of the best beaches in Europe! So, in case you haven’t decided yet where to go this summer just think about it. Better late than never. If you are a fan of beach holidays then experience absolute blue vacations in Lefkada!

Lady Blue is Waiting 4 U in Lefkada

Discover another Caribbean in Greece!! Absolute Blue Vacations!!

According to Greek Mythology, Thalassa (the sea), was a goddess and her parents were Aether (the Air) and Hemera (the Day). She and her husband Pontus spawned the storm gods and the tribes of fish. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty was also her daughter! Moreover, in Greek Mythology the island of Lefkada was chosen by Aphrodite to commit suicide to relieve herself from the pangs of love with Adonis! In particular, she leapt from the cliff of Cape Ducato where the lighthouse stands today. So, with so much absolute blue around the island one thing is for sure. Thalassa, the goddess, lives in Lefkada from the beginning of the story. Today, people sing for her as ‘Lady Blue’ instead.

So, with all that said, if you are looking for Lady Blue then go to Lefkada. Every summer she is there waiting for you to relax you!

And of course every summer we love hosting you in LEFKASEABNB. Your summer beach retreat in Lefkada.


Lefkada Absolute Blue Tourist Guide

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