Agios Ioannis beach – Lefkas – Greece

Agios Ioannis beach, a vacations paradise

Agios Ioannis in Lefkas, Greece is a more quiet and family friendly beach of the island compare to the others. It’s not so overcrowded especially in August time and it’s a locals choice. To the north it’s bordered by the wide Yira lagoon and to the west by a long sandy beach which hosts five old windmills dating from 18th century. One of them has been renovated and has become a cocktail beach bar. The sandy beach is 2,5 kilometres long and with a short stroll along the sand you’ll soon find your spot.

Agios Ioannis windmill

Furthermore at the end of the bay there is the romantic chapel of Agios Ioannis which was built in 1330 approx. by the knights of Anjou Duke. Certainly you should pay a visit there. The little church was built inside a rock and is also very popular for international weddings. It is the oldest church of the island.

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But the foremost attraction of this god has blessed beach is its magnificent sunset. Especially in August the sunset colours to the sky when the sun has fully dived into the Ionian sea are incredible.

Agios Ioannis sunset beach

Without doubt this beach has everything from watersports to a peaceful family or couple vacations. In the morning a calm and gentle sea calls for hugs and in the afternoon a rough sea challenge the surfers on her waves.

Agios Ioannis family beach
Agios Ioannis surfers beach
Agios Ioannis surfers


Agios Ioannis beach offers the visitor so many options for an unforgettable vacation. From kitesurfing, windsurfing, cycling around Yira lagoon, birdwatching in lagoon area, walking to nearby beaches and finally enjoy a cocktail under the shade of a windmill. Along the beach there are also Greek taverns of good standard and beach bars sometimes in August with live music. Finally it’s only just 5 minutes away by car from Lefkas town and the night life there.

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