Beautiful Flamingos in Lefkada

Beautiful Flamingos in Lefkada

Beautiful Flamingos arrived in Lefkada
Flamingos in Lefkada Lagoon

The lagoon of Lefkada is one of the most important wetlands of Greece. In particular, it is protected by NATURA 2000 European Commision network. The aim of the network is the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats. And the lagoon of Lefkada was always a stopover for migratory birds. Travelling thousands of miles from their Asia and Africa habitats, rare species of birds come to Lefkada’s lagoon to spend the winter. For example, last week beautiful flamingos spotted in Lefkada at its picturesque lagoon. So, if you like birdwatching then this is the right time to visit Lefkada.

An Egrets Habitat

Lefkada wetland
Lefkada Lagoon Egrets

Even a few pairs of the rare Dalmatian pelican (pelecanus crispus) had been spotted in the lagoon some years ago. In particular, Amvrakikos Gulf which is only 50 km from Lefkada is a natural habitat for the Dalmatian pelican. Unfortunately, almost 2000 pelicans of the species died in the lakes of northern Greece due to birds’ flu last year. On the contrary, today you can see flocks of pink flamingos quite often in Greece in winter. Also, the lagoon of Lefkada hosts a lot of herons and in particular the white species of Egrets.

Destination for Birdwatchers

With all that said, Lefkada which is very close to Amvrakikos Gulf is a place of great ornithological importance. In other words, it is an ideal place for birdwatchers. Especially, in Amvrakikos Gulf over 250 bird species have been recorded and some of them are very rare. Just check the official site of the Hellenic Ornithological Society to spot the places in Greece you are interested in birdwatching. Finally, don’t forget to take with you the right binoculars. Of course, during your exploration, it will be a pleasure to host you in our LEFKASEABNB seafront guesthouses in beautiful Lefkada until the end of October.

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