Beautiful Lefkada in Springtime

Beautiful Lefkada in Springtime

Beautiful Lefkada Springtime

Discover the most colorful season and place to be in Greece. Just visit beautiful Lefkada in springtime. In particular, the Greek Easter is the time of the year all Greeks travel in springtime to their homelands. So, you could consider yourselves very lucky to be able to visit Lefkada for the local traditions and when the whole of Nature blossoms and calls you for new hiking adventures. After all, Lefkada’s walks in its countryside are a wonderful lifetime experience for hike lovers.

Mountainous Lefkada in Springtime

Countryside Lefkada Springtime
Lefkada’s Countryside

Ascending on the hills of the island its interior wears a rugged aspect. In particular, ascending the hill of Skarus should be on your list. Up to the hill, the view for the traveler is breathtaking. In fine weather, into the bright sunshine of Greece, lay before him, one of the most magnificent and stirring prospects in the world! The waters of the historic site of Aktion on one hand and the waters of the islets of Lefkada on the other. Just in front, your eyes range along the shore of Epirus and its impressive mountains.

From Mountains to Turquoise Waters

Lefkada Turquoise waters
Lefkada Egremni Beach

On mountainous Lefkada, there is but little cultivation except where terraces have been formed on the mountainsides and planted with vineyards that produce a unique local wine. The scenery is enlivened by groves of evergreen oaks and by flourishing little villages surrounded by olive trees and cypresses. In particular, the trails from Athani village on the south wind along the wild west coast leave the traveler breathless with the turquoise waters view.

With all that said, it is obvious why Lefkada inspired some of the best Greek poets. They did compose some lovely poems about Greek Nature. After all, the island is also the homeland of a few renowned Greek Poets.

Finally, we are looking forward to hosting you in beautiful Lefkada this summer. The Greek island of turquoise waters and the island of Poets.

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