Best Appetizers to Taste in Lefkada

Best Appetizers to Taste in Lefkada

Riganada best appetizers in Lefkada
Riganada Lefkada’s Appetizer

Lefkada is an extraordinary island that combines stunning beaches with lovely seafront taverns and mountainous picturesque villages with local specialties. In other words, whatever is your favourite food, fish or meat, you will love Lefkada surely. After all, to travel is not only to see sights but also to taste the local kitchen. Some of the best appetizers to taste in Lefkada is Riganada. In particular, Riganada is an old and a very easy recipe that you can also prepare at home. For this reason, Riganada is a very popular snack in the island. Just add a fillet of salted sardine, a slice of tomato, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and dry oregano on a piece of roasted bread and enjoy! Also, every summer the locals organise a Riganada Festival at the end of July.

Salami of Lefkas a Tasty Appetizer

Salami Best Lefkada Appetizer
Lefkada’s Salami

One of the most popular appetizer in Greece is the salami of Lefkada. In particular, its recipe comes from the Venice of the 18th century when the Venetians rule the island. Its unique light aroma of garlic and its whole grains of pepper make this salami very popular in Greece. So, If you are in Lefkada for holidays then you should taste it in restaurants or buy it from local butchers.

Best Seafood Appetizers in Lefkada

Fried small shrimps Lefkada appetizer
Fried small shrimps

During your vacations in Lefkada surely you should have a lunch or dinner at a seafront tavern. After all, tasting local specialties in front of a stunning beach is the epitome of the Greek summer. With that said, another delicious appetizer that locals love, is a dish of small fried shrimps. In particular, Lefkada’s fishermen use to fish this kind of shrimps at the banks of the canals surrounding the town.

Grilled octopus Lefkada's appetizers
Grilled octopus & Greek Ouzo

Last but not least, in your appetizers list should be a dish of a grilled octopus with a glass of Greek ouzo on ice. After all, ordering octopus in a seaside Greek tavern is quite common in Greek islands. In other words, tasting a delicious seafood appetizer or pasta in a seafront Greek tavern is the trademark of the Greek summer.

With all that said, we hope to see you in Lefkada next summer. After all, you also have another reason to come to Lefkada. The annual Gastronomic festival of Lefkada!

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