Best Picturesque Mountainous Villages in Lefkada

3 Best Picturesque Mountainous Villages 2 Explore in Lefkada

Without doubt people who have been in Lefkada know about its stunning beaches. However the lush greenery in the countryside on the mountains make this island an ideal destination for hiking and mountain biking lovers. Moreover the picturesque villages on the mountains give an impression that the time has stopped there many years ago. All of them have their unique beauty and local traditions. However some are considered more popular than others. So which are the 3 best picturesque mountainous villages to explore in Lefkada?

Karia the Capital of Mountainous Lefkada

Lefkada Best picturesque mountainous villages Karia Mountains
Karia Mountainous Capital of Lefkada
best picturesque mountainous villages karia square lefkada

Situated in the North part of Lefkada with a population of 1000 inhabitants, Karia village is the biggest on mountainous Lefkada. Its picturesque square surrounded by big plane trees and lovely cafes attract the visitor’s eye. Also the Folklore Museum in the village worth a visit for its local traditional embroidery exhibits. Last but not least the local red wine KARSANIKO” from the nearby vineyards offers you a delicious experience. But most important, try not to lose the traditional wedding that revives every year late in July by the locals.

choose Lefkas summer festivals lefkada best picturesque mountainous villages

Exanthia the Sunset of Lefkada

Situated to the west of Karia at an altitude of 600 meters with 300 inhabitants, Exanthia is a road junction. Actually it’s in the middle of the mountainous road that connects the North with the South part of the island. However the village is famous for its stunning sunset. Every day hundreds of people arrive in the village to enjoy the sunset from cosy bars and taverns. Also if you like flying then you should try paragliding as its starting point is in a cosy bar nearby.

best picturesque mountainous villages exanthia lefkada
best picturesque mountainous villages exanthia sunset lefkada

Athani the Picturesque Mountainous Village of South

Situated to the south with only 200 inhabitants, Athani is an unspoilt picturesque village. It is very close to the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada like Porto Katsiki, Egremni, and Gialos. Also the lighthouse at the southern point of the island with its stunning view is only 20 minutes drive from the village. There are quite a few bars and restaurants with beautiful sea view. Last but not least the honey of Athani area is one of the best in the island.


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