Blue Flag Beaches in Lefkada Where 2 Find Them

Greece Again 2nd Country Globally in 2019 in Blue Flag Beaches!!

Greece is again in 2019 the second country in the world with so many Blue Flag beaches. The Foundation for Environmental Education and its international Blue Flag program has awarded 515 beaches of Greece with the Blue Flag for 2019. But what is the Blue Flag. Blue Flag is a prestigious award. For this reason a beach gets the Blue Flag when a series of  environmental, safety-related and access-related criteria are met and maintained. With 515 Blue Flags, Greece ranks again second in the world among 47 countries by keeping so many clean and safe beaches.

Blue Flag Beaches Lefkada 2019

The Blue Flag Beaches of Lefkas

In Lefkada you will discover some of the most famous beaches in the world for their bluest waters. One of them is Porto Katsiki (means Goat’s Port in Greek because of the big cliff that over it, proper only for goats). Another is the famous Egremni beach but is not an organised beach.

why choose Lefkas Greece a turquoise paradise for summer holidays full of blue flag beaches

For this reason doesn’t have a blue flag. In particular the blue flag beaches of Lefkas from North to South are: Lefkada-Gyra, Agios Giannis, Agios Nikitas Pefkoulia, Kathisma 1, Porto Katsiki, Ponti and Mikros Gialos-Poros.

7 blue flag magnificent beaches in Lefkas

The 7 Magnificent beaches

The first two are very close to Lefkas town, the capital of the island. Next one, Agios Nikitas, is a picturesque village and Pefkoulia is its safe beach especially for families.

However, if you are a lover of wild nature then the so far wild beach of Milos in Agios Nikitas is strongly recommended. This beach has access by boat or by foot after a 20 minutes walk. However last year the first sunbeds appeared there as well. So it’s a matter of time for this place to pay the consequences of popularity. The next one Kathisma, is a big one and full of sunbeds beach, right after the Milos unspoilt beach. The picture speaks itself for Porto Katsiki and the next one Ponti, is the official beach of Vasiliki village at the south of the island. In particular, It’s ideal for water sports and a well organized beach. The last one, Mikros Gialos (means small beach in Greek), is a picturesque small beach with big pebbles. Poros a very little village, is located just over this beach.

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