Discover Lefkada Tastes Local Rusks Ladokulura

Let us Offer you Local Rusks “Ladokulura”

Discover Lefkada Tastes Local Rusks Ladokulura

If you ever come in Lefkada don’t forget to try the local tastes and products of the island. After all, travel means a local experience that should include all of your senses. And taste is one of them so give in to local specialities and leave your diet back home. Most of all counts to relax yourself and put all the schedules aside. So indulge yourself while on vacations by tasting local recipes and treats. Discover Lefkada tastes. One of them is the local rusk “ladokuluro” which goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea.

Ladokulura” Local Recipe from Lefkada a Taste to Discover

Of course this local rusk has a long history in Lefkada as its simple recipe is over a hundred years old. It used to be a morning snack or a treat for the guests. Today it’s impossible not to find it in a bakery almost everywhere in Lefkada. After all, it still remains a favourite snack for the locals. So we wouldn’t leave you without its recipe either as a sweet memory or as an expectation for those planning to visit the island in the near future. So discover Lefkada tastes first by cooking ‘ladokulura’!

Recipe for “Ladokulura”

Ingredients: Flour 1 kilogram, yeast one small bag, sugar one glass, olive oil one glass, ouzo one small cup, cinnamon a half of table spoon, powdered cloves a half of table spoon, salt a half of table spoon, anise a half of table spoon and finally lukewarm water as much as we need.


We mix thoroughly all the ingredients except olive oil, ouzo and water. Then we poor the liquids, olive oil, ouzo and finally water until our dough is a non sticky, homogeneous mixture. We leave the compound covered by a fabric at least 4 to 5 hours to relax. After the dough has been inflated we cut it in small pieces to make the right shape we like. We bake them at 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes in the oven’s tray. Enjoy every last bite. We are looking forward to offering you ‘ladokulura’ in Lefkaseabnb next summer. But until then enjoy yours.

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