Discover Lefkada’s Hidden Gems by Boat

Discover Lefkada’s Hidden Gems

Lefkada is the water sports island of Greece according to many travel sites. In particular, the island hosts one of the biggest Marinas in Greece with 620 mooring positions. Also, there are many options to rent a motor boat all over the island. Lefkada is renowned for its breathtaking beaches which are its hidden gems. So, if you want to discover Lefkada’s hidden gems by renting a boat then we will tell you that’s definitely a great idea.

discover Lefkada's hidden gems rent a boat
Sailing around Lefkada

Hidden Beaches Around the Island

Discover a hidden gem. Papanikolis Cave in Meganjsj
Meganisi Papanikolis Cave

Lefkada is a big blue paradise. Both the east and west coasts of the island seduce the visitors with their unique beauty. On the west, it’s the turquoise color that dominates the scenery. On the contrary, to the east, it’s the green color instead. Of course, you should not miss cruising around the beautiful Skorpios and Meganisi islands by renting a motor boat without a license from Nydri or Nikiana ports. However, on the west side, you need a license. A good rental spot is the Syvota bay or Vasiliki from where you can cruise to Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches. On your way there you will discover secret beaches and lovely little grottos.

Agios Ioannis to Pefkoulia Beach

Hidden gems of Lefkada
SUPer Holidays in Lefkada

Finally, if you are fit enough you can rent a SUP or a kayak and start your little journey from LEFKASEABNB. Just head to the south and coast to coast from Agios Ioannis to Pefkoulia beach you will discover little secret shores to relax on. However, you should be aware to leave early in the morning in the calm sea before 7 am. Likewise, you should return before 1 p.m. because the wind is getting stronger.

With all that said we want to thank you for being our guests this summer. We love making you live an unforgettable experience of beach vacations in beautiful Lefkada!

The island of breathtaking beaches!

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