Extreme sports on your LEFKASEABNB vacation

Are you the type of person who likes action and extreme sports on vacations. Then Lefkas is the island offers you plenty of options to choose, from paragliding to scuba diving.

Here in LEFKASEABNB we can bring you in contact with specialists to experience a variety of extreme sports to choose from:

PARAGLIDING: You fly above famous west coach beaches of Lefkas, take selfie photos and really live an unforgettable experience.

paragliding extreme sports

SCUBA DIVING: You dive in Nydri or Syvota with special trainers.

scuba extreme sports

HORSE RIDING: You go for a ride on the beach of Agios Ioannis right on sunset time.

extreme sports horse riding

WIND SURF AND KITE SURF: The perfect places are Vasiliki and Agios Ioannis respectively where there are also schools you can start from the basics.

kitesurfing extreme sports Lefkada Agios Ioannis

Activities instead of extreme sports?

However if you are not a fan of any of these sports you have another option to take a tour in an interesting activity. In LEFKASEABNB we can also organize a journey for you to the following activities :

A tour to Lefkas Earth winery.

You visit the vineyard for a tour of the whole production procedure. Finally the tour ends at the local exhibition of this winery. Later on we can go for swimming on nearby Mikros Gialos pebble beach.

A tour to apiary Meli51.

Here you can see the local traditional honey production and taste some special honey products.

A walking tour to the waterfalls of Dimossari very close to Nydri village.

Here we enjoy a walk in Dimossari gorge and a swim in the pond of the waterfall.

An evening stroll to Agios Ioannis chapel.

We enjoy a stroll on foot or by bicycle in sunset time at the oldest church of Lefkas. The nearby chapel of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) of Anjou. In particular it was built in a rock approximately in 1330 AD by the knights of Anjou (city of Angers today in France).

Anjou crest
Agios Ioannis chapel extreme sports

Finally, we can bring you in contact to rent a motorboat to enjoy a journey cruise around Skorpios and Meganisi islands. Of course you are the captain to choose where to head for anchorage and where to call for swimming. Fantastic grottoes and remote beaches are all around these picturesque islands.

But most of all we are here every summer to help you feel like a local.


In other words, VACATIONS !!

Love to hearing from you!

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