Feel Like Local in Lefkada Welcome in Lefkaseabnb

Want to Feel Like Local in Lefkada Join us in Lefkaseabnb

Lefkada is one of the many magic places in beautiful Greece offers you relaxation on your vacations. Of course, every place in Greece has its own unique beauty. And Lefkada has its own epic beaches with some unbelievable turquoise waters. However, no one knows better a place than its inhabitants. So if you want to feel like local in Lefkada then come and join us in Lefkaseabnb.

Discover Locals Hangouts on Island’s Mountains

Lefkada is more than an island. The lush vegetation on the mountains and a big number of paths make Lefkada an ideal destination for hikers, mountain bikers and people who love activities in nature. By the way, you can find some interesting country walks here.

Feel like local in Lefkada walks
Hiking in Lefkada

Furthermore, it’s good to know that nearly every village has its own picturesque square. Usually it’s a meeting point for the locals to drink Greek ouzo, eat some good Greek mezedes (a variety of meat or fish snacks) and talk about football or politics. But most of all the locals like eating home food made by local products at their favourite hangouts. For example, in the capital they like eating fish directly from the shelf and there are only two specific spots in the town.

Discover & Taste the Local Products of Lefkada

Travelling around the world is a good feeling. Discovering new tastes of local kitchen and products is the best. And Lefkada’s kitchen offers plenty of options either for fish or meat lovers. Moreover, products like the Eglouvi’s village lentils, local salami and sausages, virgin olive oil, local wine and honey are the real treasures of Lefkada. Each one of them has its own history in the island. Also, everywhere in the island you can taste fresh fish. But in case of buying some you should know from where. In particular, a locals’ spot to buy fresh fish is a little white house in the beginning of the causeway right after the floating bridge. However, you should be there at 8 am the latest.

Feel like local in Lefkada Fresh fish market
The White House – The Little Fresh Fish Market

In the end, what it matters the most in a recreation travel is a good host that will make you feel love with the destination. In Lefkaseabnb, we love hosting you every summer. We love making you want to come back and visit again beautiful Lefkada.

The Greek island of turquoise waters!! 

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