Get Ready For Christmas

Get Ready for Christmas

Get ready for Christmas
Christmas Decoration

At last, three months after the end of summer it’s again a holiday season. In other words, it’s time to get ready for Christmas. So, it’s time to get yourself and your home ready for the occasion. Start by making a gifts list or even your own wish list. Of course, if you have a pet you should also include its gift. But if you don’t have you can adopt one from a shelter. After all, Christmas is a season to share or donate not only with your beloved ones but also with people and animals in need. For example, you can find clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore so it’s a good idea to offer them to a charity institution in your neighborhood. Furthermore, it’s also the season to make big changes in your life! For example, making plans to lose weight or to live in another country! Finally, why not to travel to a country you always wished to.

Christmas Shopping Therapy

Get ready for Christmas
Christmas in Greece

Finally, get ready for a lot of shopping therapy in a beautiful Christmas market or bazaar. In particular, the weather in Greece is still sunny and ideal for a coffee break during the season’s shopping madness. Moreover, you should not forget to buy the local sweets of the season except the decoration ornaments for the house. For example in Greece, Kourabiedes and Melomakarona are the most popular Christmas sweets! If you are about to give in and add some weight during Christmas, try this melomakarona recipe. In particular, they are some of the desserts of the official Christmas dinner in Greece. Of course, the main dish is usually turkey or pork with potatoes in the oven. A lot of calories await you here.

So, now it’s about time to be involved in season’s preparations by starting making the lists. First of all by decorating the Christmas tree after getting our cat’s permission!

Having said all that, from LEFKASEABNB we would like to wish you a fruitful time to your Christmas preparations.

Love to hearing from you!

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