Greek Sun Reduces COVID19 Significantly

Greek Sun Reduces SARS COV2 Spread Significantly

One of the best natural weapons against all corona viruses is our direct exposure to the sun and its hot sun-rays. And sun loves Greece since earth started orbiting around its hot and bright sphere. At the moment, all Greeks stay home in quarantine and are looking forward to warmer temperatures. In particular, they are counting down the days to lie down on a sandy beach and enjoy the Greek sun. Without doubt hot temperatures and high relative humidity in July and August will do a fine job. Moreover, according to a recent study this is quite possible to happen. So, in Greece what we’ve been waiting for is the Greek summer to come and save us. After all, there is a strong feeling that Greek sun reduces COVID19 significantly.

Greek Sun reduces covid19 significantly

Recent Study : High Temperatures and High Relative Humidity Significantly Reduce COVID19 Spread.

According to a recent study and its research that took place in 100 Chinese cities with COVID19 cases, high temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce the transmission of COVID19. In particular, the researchers observed that during the early dates of COVID19 outbreak the countries with lower air temperature and humidity (e.g. Korea, Iran) were hit more severe than warmer and more humid countries (e.g. Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia).

Therefore, the daily increase of temperature and the high relative humidity in the air give a sense of hope to Greeks. The majority of the people in the country believe that with patience and a little more discipline by staying home in April, the COVID19 will be dismissed. After all, the Greek Government took early austere quarantine measures and gained more time to prepare National Health System properly. So far in the country have occurred only 2100 total COVID19 cases with almost 94 deaths. For this reason, Greece has been a remarkable example in Europe. In fact Greek people seem to handle the COVID19 outbreak in a very calm fashion. In particular they keep in mind that in the summer, Greek sun reduces COVID19 significantly. Therefore all Greeks from their sunny balconies say each other ‘yasu’ (hello) which actually means ‘health to you’.

So stay safe, stay home to see you this summer on a beach under the protection of the Greek curative sun. See you soon on a beautiful beach of Lefkada. See you soon in the island of turquoise waters!!

Greek sun reduces COVID19 significantly on a sandy beach

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