Happy Travelling in New Year 2020

Feel Free & Happy by Travelling in New Year 2020

happy travelling in Ionian islands, Greece

Travel means joy and happy travelling can boost our well being. Do you remember your anticipation prior a trip to a new place you were always dreaming about. How did you feel right at the time you confirmed a booking to a destination you have never been before. Well the feelings are pretty much alike when you fall in love with somebody. For this reason, a travel make us happy even after our return by sharing pictures or videos on social media.

Beach or Mountain, City or Countryside, Choice is yours

Wherever you want to travel enjoy every single moment of this experience. So use all of your senses. And of course don’t forget to make this memory to last by taking photos and recording videos. Reliving the experience back home by watching your videos and looking at your photos is a happy feeling and that’s what it counts. After all, if your travel was in a far away destination then it would be once in a lifetime experience!

It’s not the Destination that counts or it is

Now what’s the answer to the big question we all know: Is it or is it not the destination that counts? Well, some people take travelling as an adventure by planning to explore new places and meet new cultures and civilizations. This kind of people are those that like the journey the most and for them it is the happiest part of their travel. Others, more conservative like travelling to familiar places they are in love with. In particular, they love their destination and an accommodation that make them feel like home. That’s what makes them happy. However, whatever type of traveller you might be one is for sure, that you are happy travelling the world!

So we wish you a happy travelling in New Year 2020!!

Love to hearing from you!

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