Holidays – Where to this Summer

Holidays – Where to this Summer

Holidays. Where to this summer. Lefkada, Greece
Classic Greek Beachfront Tavern – Lefkada

As summer 2023 approaches, Greece is expecting millions of tourists to flow through the country. However, the majority of them head to the most popular Greek islands in the Aegean Sea ignoring the gems known as the Ionians. So, what about this year’s holidays, where to this summer? What about Lefkada as your summer destination?

Lefkada The Caribbean of Greece

Holidays Where to this summer
SUP to Greek Caribbean

Surrounded by stunning beaches and azure seas, Lefkada offers a great getaway that remains under the radar of many tourists in Greece. Although it’s an island, you don’t need a ferry to visit it! In particular, you just need to rent a car from Athens or from the nearby airport Aktion to visit the island! It takes only 4 hours drive from Athens or 30 minutes from Aktion Airport. Lefkada town is situated on the northern tip of the island and its picturesque colorful alleys with lovely classic Greek tavernas and the canal side bars ideal for sunset cocktails will impress you surely. Finally, if you like driving around the island it takes only 2,5 hours to do the perimeter on decent roads. However, if you decide on some stops to swim then choose the west and southwest of the island as all the stunning beaches are from this side.

Sailors & Surfers Love Lefkada

Sailing Yachts Lefkada Port
Port View Lefkada

Experienced sailors and Charter Companies refer to Lefkada as the best home port to start a sailing cruise in the Ionian Sea. Calm waters provide safe and ideal conditions for novice sailors, families, or companies looking to sail with less work and more relaxation. Moreover, the sailing routes to nearby isles (Meganisi, Skorpios, Kastos, etc) and the rest Ionian islands are like highways to a blue and green paradise. On the other hand, steady northwest winds attract surfers making Lefkada a premier destination for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Holidays Where: To LEFKASEABNB

Holiday Where to this year Lefkada

Finally, when deciding on accommodation, you need a place you won’t need to drive to find a decent place to eat and drink well. In this case, Agios Ioannis Beach is a unique place for families, companies, and couples as it provides exactly this. There are quite a few beachfront taverns and bars to enjoy delicious local food and taste local wines. Of course, in LEFKASEABNB we love hosting and every summer we love meeting guests from all over the world who finally fall in love with Lefkada and come back to revive again their beautiful memories.

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