International Folklore Festival of Lefkada

International Folklore Festival of Lefkada

International Folklore Festival of Lefkada
The Brochure of Lefkada’s Cultural Center for the 2023 Folklore Festival

The Lefkadian Anthonis Tzevelekis was the founder of the International Folklore Festival of Lefkada in the year 1962. In particular, at that time Tzevelekis was the President of the Lefkadians Association in Athens. Together with the Lefkadian Studies Company, the local Cultural Center, and the local Orpheas cultural club, Tzevelekis fulfilled his dream. He made Lefkada an International Center of Speech and Art. Two years later, in 1964 Aristotelis Onassis a Greek billionaire of that time together with Maria Callas the most renowned and influential Opera singer gave both with their presence at the festival, a global recognition of the event. For this reason, many countries used to participate and many folklore dancing groups wanted to be in Lefkada at the end of August. Today the event is still popular and young dancers from all over the world come to join it sending the message of peace and friendship worldwide.

Get ready for the 61st International Folklore Festival

Every summer Lefkada hosts many local festivals and events. For example, the Classical music week in July, the Barcarolle Arias, the Mandolinata concert, and finally the folklore dancing festival in August. After all, the island is the birthplace of many artists, musicians, and poets. This is the 61st dancing festival and it will last from the 20th to the 25th of August. The first day, “The Parade of the Friendship of People” is the starting event of the Opening Ceremony. It takes place on the main street of the town at 6:00 p.m. However, in case you are interested in all the events of the festival just download the program from its official page here.

Enjoy a Beautiful Cultural Holiday in Lefkada

International Folklore Festival Lefkada Alley
Lefkada Old Town

Finally, combining your summer holiday in Lefkada with local cultural events is not a bad idea at all. On the contrary, it is the right way for a successful holiday to take part in the cultural life of your destination. So, get ready and join the parade on the main street of the old town. In other words, treasure some beautiful lifetime moments during your holiday in Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters and arts as well.

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