Journey to Lefkas waterfalls


On 10th of July we had an exciting experience here in Lefkaseabnb. Actually we made a journey to the waterfalls of Dimossari river in Nydri area. Nydri is a tourist village and port in east coast of Lefkas. We left Lefkaseabnb premises early in the morning and after a half hour drive we arrived in the parking area. Then we followed a path leading in a gorge full of trees and creeks !! Surprisingly it was like an Indiana Jones scenery and a kind of an adventure journey !!

journey waterfalls

After 500 meters approx. on foot from the parking area we finally reached the waterfalls spot.


A small pond was at the bottom of the waterfalls. Of course we couldn’t withstand the temptation to swim in this little paradise of nature.

Swimming waterfalls
Lefkas waterfalls

Not only we were wearing our swim suits and the right shoes but we also had all the necessary provisions. Towels, sun cream, hats, bottles of water even sandwiches were in our bags. After all it was once in a life time experience to swim there. What a feeling it was !!  An unforgettable chill out cold spa all over our body !!

After one hour of sunbathing and relaxing around the pond we got hungry and decided to get the way back. Meanwhile we had a picnic lunch at the rest area in the middle of our way to the parking.

Without doubt, Lefkas is an island full of surprises even for frequent visitors !! This God has blessed island offers you so many options !! Not only beautiful sandy beaches but natural beauties in its mountainous countryside as well !!

Of course when it comes for accommodation to decide think about it. LEFKASEABNB is a beach resort offers you the warm hospitality and the type of vacations you would like. Extreme or tranquil ?

It’s up to you to choose.


Love to hearing from you!

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