Kayaking and Canoeing in Lefkada the Watersports Island

Kayaking and Canoeing in Lefkada

Without doubt Lefkada is the only island in Greece offering so many options for water sport fans. Of course, the coasts surrounding the island and mainly in the Nydri gulf at the east coast offer a unique and safe environment for water sports. Not only there are plenty of options for sailing and surfing but also for kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing. After all, during the summer season the sea at the east coast is always calm. Actually, the whole scenery in Nydri gulf looks like a lake in a fairy tale.

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Kayak and Canoe Spots in Lefkada

In particular the rental spots of this type of activities are in Lefkada and Mikros Gialos. Both the calm east coast of the island and the west coast in the morning are ideal for paddle boarding. Moreover, instructors in charge of the rental equipment, organize beautiful journeys to caves and islets in the area. However, if you are an expert you can also do kayaking in the open sea at the west coast of the island. Also, some sea kayak instructors organize kayak journeys to Cape Dukato at the southernmost point of Lefkada. Finally, on Agios Ioannis surfers beach you have the option to rent a canoe or a paddle board as well. Except of the above links a rental spot is also just beside LEFKASEABNB near the lifeguard post of this blue flag beach.

Of course, here in LEFKASEABNB we can bring you in contact to any kind of watersport activities . Just leave your special request for your favourite watersport upon your booking procedure on this site.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your bookings this summer. After all, it is a real pleasure to host you in our LEFKASEABNB beach retreat in Lefkada. See you next summer to new explorations of this lovely island.

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