LEFKADA : A hidden gem according to The KITE Mag


Once again Lefkada and Mili beach in particular are in an article of a kite surf magazine.

kite windmill
kite world
kite world

This time is The KITE Mag that refers the island as a hidden gem.

In particular the magazine’s article confirms the good reputation of Lefkada as a venue of international kite surfers. In fact it’s a matter of time to see an annual kite festival here in Lefkas.


Without doubt the ideal north-west wind which blows same hours every day attracts surfers of all levels. Furthermore a surfers’ school on Mili beach operates every summer with any kind of equipment.

LEFKASEABNB seafront guesthouses on Agios Ioannis beach are just beside Mili beach, offering facilities for unforgettable beach vacations.

In any case, Lefkas is a top Greek travel destination. If you visit Lefkas this summer we will love hosting you and make you feel like locals in beautiful Lefkada.

This summer your vacations will have one name : LEFKASEABNB.

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Love to hearing from you!

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