Lefkada Island of Cats. Just Cats Them

Lefkada island of cats! Count them if you can!!

Lefkada island of cats
Siesta time for an adopted cat

Not only downtown Lefkada but in the whole island cats are everywhere! Of course, the locals love cats and dogs and adopt annually quite a few of them from local shelters. However, stray cats are almost everywhere due to lack of their population control by local authorities. In other words, it would not be an exaggeration to call Lefkada island of cats!! Unfortunately, not in the good sense of course. Hundreds of stray cats wandering around restaurants and hotels in Lefkada for food. Obviously in this case something has to be done and the solution is to neuter the female cats.

Cats of Agios Ioannis Beach

Lefkada island of cats
Agios Ioannis Beach Cats

Only on Agios Ioannis beach and in LEFKASEABNB beach resort in particular, we feed a different breed of cats every summer! Unfortunately, sometimes we also find injured cats around the property so we try to take care of them during our holidays. Also, quite often we should contact a local vet downtown Lefkada to buy the appropriate medicines. Finally, last summer we adopted a sick kitten we found helpless on the beach!

One day, we did a local market research to several vets in the island to ask about the cost to neuter a cat. Unfortunately, this cost is not affordable by a single volunteer. However, the Lefkas Animal Welfare Society is the only one in Lefkada that struggles with low funds to neuter and save hundreds of lives of injured stray dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, each year the population of stray cats in Lefkada keeps increasing and the situation is getting worse! In other words, the local authorities should try to collaborate with local volunteers to establish an annual neutering campaign. Finally, if you also love stray cats then Lefkada and the local animals society need your help.

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