Lefkada is in JETSETTER – 15 Jaw Dropping Coasts Around the World !!

Lefkada is fourth in the JETSETTER list as the island with jaw dropping coasts around the world !!

Lefkada is in JETSETTER, the renowned travel site. The article has to do with amazing jaw-dropping coasts around the world and Lefkada is once again in the list !! As a matter of fact the author of the post depicts Lefkas as an alternative travel destination on the west coast of Greece. Surprisingly cypress and olive trees embrace remote sandy beaches of the island while the sun baths the turquoise waters of the Ionian sea. Indeed the beauties of nature of this island will impress its visitor. Ultimately magnificent Lefkada has one more reason to be proud of !! Once again is in a famous international travel destination list !! In JETSETTER’s list for summer 2017 !!

lefkada coasts

After all JETSETTER journalists are travelling around the world to recommend places they love and would like visiting again. Not to forget of course that Lefkas is always the island of turquoise waters !!

If you really want to live what you see in the picture above then simply this summer choose Lefkas as your vacations destination.

Of course in LEFKASEABNB we love hosting you every summer and make you experience one of your best memorable vacations.

Love to hearing from you!

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