Lefkada secret beaches by kayak!

Discover Lefkada secret beaches by kayak

Lefkada secret beaches by kayak
Lefkada Unlimited by Kayak

Lefkada is an absolute blue island in the Ionian sea with breath-taking beaches and incredible blue and green crystal waters! In particular, the turquoise waters of its wild west coast and the green waters of its calm east coast make Lefkada a unique destination for beach vacations. After all, Lefkada is considered the paradise of sea sports in Greece! In other words, if you love kayaking then you will love Lefkada secret beaches by kayak!

Sea kayaking Experience to Remember

Exploring Lefkada by kayak
Discover Lefkada by kayak

For example, on Agios Ioannis beach try a kayak journey early in the morning when the sea is calm. Of course, you should take with you all the necessary equipment including a hat, a bottle of water, some fruits and your smartphone in a waterproof bag. Heading to the south you can paddle along Krioneri beach, Kaminia beach and other picturesque remote beaches. Also, at the same time you can make some stops and enjoy swimming and snorkelling to natural caves in clear crystal waters. However, be aware that after 1 p.m. the weather on the west coast becomes windy and the sea starts sparkling. So, you should plan your return accordingly. After all, after 1 p.m. it’s the show time for the surfers to appear! Finally, instead of renting equipment you can bring your own inflatable kayaks during your beach vacations in LEFKASEABNB.

On the other hand, on the calm east coast of the island you can paddle to the Papanikolis cave in Meganisi island. In particular, that cave was a hideout for the Greek submarine Papanikolis during World War II. Of course, in order to get there you should get the ferry from Nydri first. Also, if you are fit enough you can paddle to the nearby Skorpios to swim in the Onassis exotic island! Finally, you can try an organised family kayak tour with a Greek agency that deals with this kind of sea sports activities.

With all that saying, we are looking forward to hosting you in our Lefkaseabnb beach resort next summer. Until then, take care and stay safe.

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