Lefkada Voted the Best Greek Island

Which?: Lefkada The Best Greek Island

Lefkada voted best Greek island
Lefkada Kathisma Beach

Believe it or not 1386 readers of UK’s website ‘Which?’ rated 13 Greek islands out of five for 7 categories of interest. Guess what, Lefkada voted the best Greek island and got the best overall score! In particular, the categories were: Beaches, scenery, food and drink, accommodation, tourist attractions and of course best value for money choice that promises a holiday on a budget. Most important is that the verdict comes from an independent, non profit organisation protecting consumers’ rights in UK. Unless, you don’t care about spending money with Santorini and Mykonos to be always your unique destinations in Greece.

Best Overall Score for Lefkada

Lefkada Breathtaking beaches
Lefkada Breath-taking Beaches

In accordance with the survey, Lefkada got 86% the highest score among 13 other Greek islands! In particular, the article reports that Lefkada got 5 stars for peace and quiet, 5 stars for scenery and 4 stars for beaches and value for money. According to the article Lefkada is a hidden gem that offers lovely walks through mountain villages and a choice of 22 stunning beaches. As far as food and drink concerns the island offers plenty of family run traditional taverns. So, that’s why Lefkada voted the best Greek island. Finally, the top 5 list includes also Kefalonia, Crete, Skiathos and Rhodes with overall scores 85%, 84%, 83% and 81% respectively.

All in One Destination on Budget

LEFKASEABNB Agios Ioannis Beach

In conclusion, now is the time to discover other alternative and lesser known summer destinations in Greece. So, book now your summer holidays in beautiful Lefkada. After all, one is for sure, Lefkada with so many options to choose will not disappoint you.

We love hosting you and making you feel like locals in beautiful Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters!

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