Lefkada’s Top Beaches By Motorbike

Lefkada’s Top Beaches by Motorbike

Lefkada's Top Beach by Motorbike
Avali Beach

Lefkada is renowned as the Greek island of superstar beaches. However, the popular ones are overcrowded in summer and especially in August. For this reason, if you rent a car and plan to drive to swim in the turquoise waters of Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, and Milos Beach then you should leave your accommodation early in the morning. Otherwise, you will find a lot of traffic and of course no parking place for your car. On the other hand, if you own a motorbike license then that’s the right way to visit Egremni and Kalamitsi beaches. So, wear a helmet to discover Lefkada’s top beaches by motorbike.

Superstar beaches in Greece Egremni beach Lefkada's top beaches by motorbike
Egremni Beach

Top Beaches Free of Sunbeds

If you are not a fan of beaches with lots of sunbeds, loud music, and hordes of people then you need a motorbike. In particular, you need to drive to narrow roads to discover the turquoise paradise you are looking for. In other words, do not drive to Egremni or Kalamitsi beaches by car! Especially in Kalamitsi village, there is always a traffic jam in August and the narrow road that leads to Kavalikefta (with lots of sunbeds), Megali Petra and Avali Beach is dangerous. On the other hand, the road that leads to the parking of Egremni beach is still closed. So, it’s a big mess to drive there by car. Instead, rent a motorbike to be free of traffic and parking worries. Enjoy lying down on these pebble beaches under your sun umbrella and eat Greek traditional food at a canteen nearby.

Lefkada's top beaches by bike
Avali Beach, A Canteen
Lefkada's Top Beaches by motorbike Avali
A Canteen in Avali Beach

Tips for Lefkada’s West Coast Beaches

All the superstar beaches of Lefkada are on the wild west coast of the island. So, with that in mind before you visit them you should be aware of the weather. If it’s too windy it’s better to plan a visit to the east side with a calmer sea due to the closed waters surrounded by the shores of the Greek mainland and the island itself. Another thing is that because some of them are pebble beaches you need to wear special shoes. Finally, you need to carry your sun umbrella and some bottles of water in a cooler bag.

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