Lefkas the Water Sports Greek Island


Lefkas or Lefkada  is an island of the Ionian Sea in Greece. The island is one of the seven islands of the Ionian Sea called Heptanisa, (Heptanisa means seven islands in Greek).

Because of its close distance to the shores of the Greek mainland the visitors can reach the island by car. In particular, a floating bridge separates the island from the mainland. For this reason, many visitors come from nearby cities to enjoy for a weekend.

The island’s climate is usually mild in the summer. During the summer the weather is mostly sunny. The hot period usually starts from the middle of June and lasts until middle of September. At the same time the wind is ideal for water sports like kite and wind surfing. 

Lefkas windsurfers beach
kitesurfing Lefkas Agios Ioannis Mili beach

Moreover, the old windmills beach, just beside Agios Ioannis beach, is the meeting point for kite surfers usually in August. On the other hand, Vasiliki village in the island’s south is also a safe venue for wind surfers of all levels. However, if you prefer other watersports like sea kayaking or SUP and paddle boarding there are rental spots on Agios Ioannis and Mikros Yalos beaches. But in case you love walking to explore nature in gorges and waterfalls or hiking on mountains then Lefkas island should be at your destinations list. Of course, you cannot neglect the variety of the island’s flora. The visitor will discover here many rare flowers, cypresses, oaks, incredibly old olive trees and pines hanging above turquoise waters!

fiore sul mare


During the summer the visitor has many options to attend several interesting happenings. “Varkarola” and “Festa Del Canal” in the middle of July are only a few of them. Moreover, several music concerts and theatre performances take place in the old Venetian Castle of Santa Maura. Finally, the International Folklore dancing festival during last week of August is also a must-see local event.

However, in case you want to feel like a local, several gastronomical surprises await you. Many villages promote their traditional products by organising local festivals. Red wine, Eglouvi lentils, salami, and honey are only some of the free products offered during the festivals. For example, a gastronomic festival takes place in Lefkas city usually at the first week of July. 

Also, an interesting summer event happens in Karia village. There, the locals organise every year a folklore traditional wedding. Usually it takes place at the last week of July. Likewise on Agios Ioannis beach don’t miss the chance to visit the picturesque chapel at the end of the bay. Some beautiful romantic weddings happen there as well and usually at the weekends. Most of all don’t miss the sunset of Agios Ioannis beach from the old windmills. Definitely it is a magic moment you shouldn’t miss. At the same time you could also try a romantic stroll on the beach from the old windmills until the end of Agios Ioannis bay. 

eglise st john lefkas

Tropical beaches

Without doubt the tropical, sandy beaches of Agios Ioannis, Kathisma, Egremni  and Porto Katsiki will make you feel like living in a heaven. Also many impressive fiords and caves all around the island inspire you to explore them. Finally, you shouldn’t neglect the one day cruise around Meganisi island and around the islets of Scorpios, Kastos and Kalamos. Of course, the option is yours to choose in which green or turquoise paradise scenery want to swim in!!


The closest international airport is Preveza Aktion (PVK) 20 Km away from Lefkas city.


The closest port is Igoumenitsa, only 90 minutes drive from LEFKASEABNB. In particular this port connects Greece to Italy ports of Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice.

Welcome to the Caribbean of Greece !!

Welcome to Lefkas island.

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