Merry Christmas From Lefkaseabnb

Christmas Greetings From Lefkaseabnb

Merry Christmas from Lefkaseabnb
Merry Christmas from Lefkaseabnb

It’s Christmas time, a period that people use to go out shopping and buying gifts for each other. However, the lock-down measures in Greece and in other European countries have changed our lives dramatically. Hopefully, the end of this pandemic is a matter of time and next summer everything will get back to normal. Until then all of us we should be patient and think positive for the next day. After all, Christmas time is all about living at warmth of your home, watching non stop family movies and reading favourite books. In other words, is exactly what we are doing now except shopping outside! So, who cares about the shopping therapy! It’s Christmas, cheer up, don’t worry and be happy. Stay safe at your sweet home and send kisses instead of gifts to your beloved ones through the worldwide web. And of course, we would like to wish you Merry Christmas from Lefkaseabnb by sending you lots of wishes through the waves crashing just outside from our entrance.


Christmas Downtown in Lock down

Merry Christmas from Lefkas
Christmas Downtown Lefkada

As far as the season’s decoration in the centre of Lefkada town concerns, the Christmas tree stands in the middle of the main square as always. Against all odds and no matter what happens all over Greece with this pandemic the tree is there. The Christmas tree appeared downtown Lefkada as every Christmas tree in the world appeared somewhere for a reason. Sending us the message of the Christmas spirit. If all of us stand responsibly against this bloody virus then we will get over with it soon. In other words, it’s Christmas and it’s time to do what the circumstances require for the greater good. So, stay home, stay safe and help medical staff to do the rest of the dirty job. Winning the virus once and forever.

So, have yourself a merry little Christmas at home.

Merry Christmas from Lefkaseabnb.

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