Merry Christmas to All Our Guests

Wishing to All Our Guests Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas LEFKASEABNB
Christmas Tree in Lefkas Square

Christmas season is all about sharing and giving! In particular, Christmas is all about love and care to each other. Spending time together with all the members of your family especially with those they need your company is the most precious gift. In other words, you will always remember the time you spent together far longer than the gifts you receive this year. After all, these are the Christmas family memories that your children will remember forever. In the end, don’t forget that the joy you feel when you help someone in need and make him smile is priceless. So, we would like to wish from the bottom of our heart, Merry Christmas to all our guests in LEFKASEABNB by cooking Greek Melomakarona and writing for you the lyrics of a song that reflect exactly all of the above.

Let’s Start Giving For A Better World

We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day. We are all part of God’s great big family. And the true is that love is all we need. So let’s start giving, for it’s true, we’ll make a better day. Just you and me.

We Are the World written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie

Love to hearing from you!

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