Mindfulness Vacations Destination Lefkada

Mindfulness Vacations 4 Body and Mind

This summer make a precious gift to yourself. On your holidays let your body and mind feel the value of the present moment. Wake up in the morning, feel your body and be thankful for the great gift of life. Get out on the balcony and enjoy the Big Blue of the sea you see in front of you. Then close your eyes and inhale the sea breeze deeply. Live the sensation of the moment and exhale slowly while hearing the morning songs of the birds in your ears. In other words, feel grateful for the present moment and give love and forgiveness to people around you. So have yourself an unforgettable mindfulness vacation in Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters in Greece.


Let Sun and Sea Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Welcome on board LEFKASEABNB. First of all, please switch off your mobile phones during your vacations here. Also try to remain silent to hear the whispers of nature around you. Start your day with a morning swim and a body relaxation session on the beach in front of the house. Lay on the sand and let the pebbles and morning sun to heal and distress your body. Later on enjoy your favorite coffee with some local sweets on the balcony. Have lunch in a nearby seafront fish tavern and taste the local kitchen. In the evening take a walk on the beach to the picturesque windmills. Enjoy every single moment of the stunning sunset in the sea. At night enjoy a romantic dinner on the balcony and let lady Blue seduce you with her fragrance. Hear the nature’s music all around and try a travel in the past by looking at the stardust above you.

Finally, prior going to bed, inhale deeply and be grateful for the mindful day you had. Exhale slowly and sleep well by hearing the lullaby sound of the waves. Another mindful day awaits you on your vacations here in LEFKASEABNB.


Love to hearing from you!

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