Must things to do or not in Lefkada island

Dos and Don’ts when you explore Lefkas

In our life there are certain things we must do or not to do either we learn them from experience or from a daily routine. In other words every day there are lessons learned about things to do or avoid. Consequently If you are about to pay a short visit in Lefkas here are some must things to do in Lefkada:

Dos in Lefkada

1. If you like wild open seas with clear turquoise waters then swim or surf on the west coast of the island. Egremni, Milos and Porto Katsiki beaches are a must swimming experience and Agios Ioannis beach a must kite or wind surfing experience.

2. Taste and buy the traditional products of the island : Salami, sausages, Eglouvi lentils, wine, olive oil pie (ladopita), pastel and honey. Buy thyme honey on your way to Athani village and visit the wine and oil museum of Lefkas earth winery on your way to Nydri waterfalls. However call them first to book your interesting tour there.

3. Dine in a grill tavern either in Plagia village in Greek mainland (after passing the floating bridge) or in Haradiatika and Karia villages on the island’s mountains. Try to taste Greek meze ‘kokoretsi’, ‘splinantero’ and lamb chops. After all these are the places where locals prefer to eat at nights.

kokoretsi must things to do in Lefkada

4. Enjoy an aperitif or a sweet crepe late in the evening at the central square of the town. Especially if you travel with kids. In old times, the international folklore dance festival used to take place there. And it was in the end of a that festival on 29th of August in 1964 when Maria Callas, the famous Greek soprano, sung there unofficially, arias of Cavalleria Rusticana. And the reason was the festival’s audience and Aristotle Onassis who prompted her to sing after a very warm applause.

central square must things to do in Lefkada

5. Enjoy a private cruise by renting a boat without licence from Nidri village. Head to Scorpio island (the famous ex Onassis residence) and have lunch to Meganisi island. Later in the evening after you return in Nidri don’t miss to visit the fishermen village of Sivota. It’s in the south and you should try a fish dinner there as well.

6. Finally visit the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni (Virgin Mary’s) on the hill just above Lefkas town. There is also a little zoo there ideal for families with children. Of course the excellent view from the monastery will reward you.

On the other hand here are some don’ts :

Don’ts in Lefkada

1. Don’t visit Egremni or Milos beach without your provisions like bottle water and an umbrella.

2. Don’t try to leave the island at full hours. The floating bridge opens every hour for ten minutes for the yachts’ passage. As a result of this a big traffic jam happens usually in August. Also don’t drive to the town in case of a rainy day. You’ll be stacked in a big traffic line too. It’s better to park your car in the public parking area just beside the Cultural Center and prefer walking in the town’s picturesque alleys.

3. Don’t visit by car the Faneromeni Monastery on the Holy Spirit’s day in June or on 14th or 15th of August. Another traffic jam awaits you up there due to the celebrations. It’s better to leave your car in quite distance and take a walk up to the monastery. Of course the breathless view up there will reward you.

4. Don’t forget to adore a magnificent sunset on Agios Ioannis beach from a seaside café.

5. Don’t miss Fiesta of Canal in July or Folklore Dance Festival and Varcarola event in August.

Finally enjoy your stay in Lefkas.


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