Sea Turtles Returned to Lefkada After Lockdown!

Agios Ioannis Beach Welcomes Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles


One of the most beautiful animal that survive on the planet for million of years is the sea turtle. Every year this period the turtles return on the same sandy beach where they were born but this time to lay their own eggs. Greece with its clear seas and especially the Ionian sea has the privilege to host these beautiful animals. In particular, except Zakynthos and its Laganas bay, Lefkada has been also a destination for some female sea turtles. Usually the sandy beach they prefer to lay their eggs is Agios Ioannis. So, this year after lockdown looks that caretta caretta sea turtles returned to Lefkada.

Less People Less Noise Less Lights Contributed to Turtles Return


This period of the year in May or June, Agios Ioannis beach gathers more tourists. However, after the lock down the whole beach looks more quiet. According to the scientists, female sea turtles look for quite, without lights sandy beaches to lay their eggs. For this reason, this stunning beach used to be a favourite one for the turtles. But in recent years nesting on this beach was rare. Unfortunately the erosion of the coasts due to the climate change and the mass tourism both had a negative contribution to sea turtles nesting. However, after the lock down the beaches became more friendly for the turtles. After all, people now travel less and keep the social distances on the beaches. In other words this summer looks to be one of the happiest for the newborn turtles in September.

Sea Turtles Returned to Lefkada for a Reason

scuba extreme sports sea turtles returned to Lefkada

Mother nature send us signs by attracting our attention. Quite frequently warns us either by a physical disaster like an earthquake or by some icebergs melting or even by a pandemic disease. In fact, every time mother nature try to send us the following warning we simply ignore it.

‘No matter how much the human kind has progressed technologically it still remains helpless to the powers of universe’.

In other words nature has its own means to reset back to normal no matter the human kind’s will. Consequently, this is another reason why the sea turtles returned to Lefkada. And in my point of view this pandemic is another chance for us to change our selfish way of thinking.

Welcome in Lefkada. Welcome to the island of turquoise waters!!

See you on the beach in front of LEFKASEABNB.

Love to hearing from you!

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