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At last It is Christmas time so please accept our season greetings to all of you. We would like to wish you joy, peace, love, happiness and of course personal health to all of you.

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Of course as a small season’s gift to you please allow us to offer you along with our season greetings the local recipe of Lefkada’s olive oil pie or in Greek ‘ladopita’. Without doubt the sweet all the locals use to cook in Christmas occasion.

season greetings ladopita


3 glasses of extra virgin olive oil

3 glasses of water

2 glasses of sugar

1 kg or 2 pounds of flour

2 spoons of semolina

Sesame, cinnamon and raw almonds


Pour the glasses of water and sugar in a pot. Boil the mixture to prepare the syrup. Leave it nearby always warm. Then pour the glasses of olive oil in another big pot and heat it. When the oil is very hot pour the flour and semolina in it and start stirring constantly with a big wooden spoon. Then set the hot plate in a middle temperature. At the time the mixture has a same and  dark yellow color pour the syrup in the pot very slowly and keep stirring the blend. When the syrup has been completely absorbed switch off the hot plate and pour the mixture in a baking pan. Press the mixture in the pan in order to make a flat surface. Cut the mixture with a knife to make diamond pieces. Put an almond on each diamond and drop sesame everywhere on the surface. Preheat your oven at 180 degrees Celcius and bake the sweet for 1 hour.

After one hour leave the pan to cool for 10 minutes and drop powdered cinnamon on the sweet’s surface.

Finally enjoy your first lovely Greek ‘ladopita’ from Lefkas.

LEFKASEABNB season greetings to all of you for a sweet life too!!

Love to hearing from you!

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