Summer Wine Full of Beautiful Memories

My Summer Wine Full of Beautiful Memories

Nothing compares to a place that you have been visiting for your summer holidays since you were a child. In particular, for five decades now, I spend my summer vacations on Agios Ioannis beach, in beautiful Lefkada. A lovely beach that is always awarded a blue flag for its crystal and clear water. Today, I still enjoy the serenity and the sounds of nature that this wonderful place emits constantly. My summers on this stunning beach are like a glass of sweet red wine. Without a doubt, this place is my summer wine full of beautiful memories.

Saint John of Anjou a summer wine full of beautiful memories
Saint John of Anjou Lefkada

Pray and Swim to Ai Giannis

I can’t forget those days when as a child I was playing seek and hide with my friends around the little old chapel of Ai Giannis (Agios Ioannis or Saint John of Anjou). I still remember the priest who was arguing with us not to make noise and later on we were diving with our loud like Tarzan voices into the sea from the big rock on Krioneri beach. Above all, I remember myself drinking the fresh cold water from the spring which was in the sand behind a rock on this lovely beach.

Ai Giannis beautiful summer memories
The Big Rock – Krioneri Beach

The Fishermen of Ai Giannis

Also, I would never forget the fishermen of Ai Giannis beach. They used to sell their fish daily early in the morning from their local traditional boats. At that time the sea was full of fish but unfortunately not anymore now. I remember the delicious lobsters they were selling were not as expensive as they are now. Also, in August it was the fishing of “Bafa” a local name for the female mullet fish from which they take the very expensive roe. For that kind of fishing, a special technique was needed which locals called “pezovolo”. They used to be two fishermen walking one next to the other. The first one was handling the fishing rod with the male mullet as a lure to females and the other one was holding the fishing caster net. When the female fish was approaching the male one the net was thrown. I loved to follow them watching the fish they were catching. Unfortunately, there are no “pezovolo” fishermen anymore.

traditional fishing boats of Lefkada
Lefkada’s Traditional Fishing Boats

Summer Wine Memories on the Beach

Finally, I remember myself watching with my family the stunning sea sunsets, lighting fires, singing, drinking local wine, and dancing on the beach. Indeed unforgettable sweet memories all of them with a common secret. Simplicity, honesty, and innocence of that time. Today, we are looking forward to hosting you in our seafront houses in LEFKASEABNB telling you stories about Lefkada from the past and trying to make you feel like a local.

Welcome to Lefkada! The island of turquoise waters!

Love to hearing from you!

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