Super Hosts 9 Consecutive Times & Keep Going

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Super Hosts Constantly Thanks to You

A big THANK YOU to all of our guests who stay every summer in our LEFKASEABNB Guesthouses on the beach. It’s a great reward for being super hosts so many times in a row and of course a great pleasure to host you. In particular, it’s three years already from our official opening on 15th of June in 2017. So far we have only 5 stars reviews in every booking platform and on this site too. To be honest it was only one 4 stars review in our first year due to a slow internet in some areas of the houses. Of course we fixed it right away by installing a fast up to 50 Mbps internet line.

Every year we try being better hosts by hearing what our guests say or ask about Lefkada. Hence we offer them the right information about the island in order to cover all of their needs and answer all of their questions during their stay.

We Love Hosting You Like Being Our Family Members

LEFKASEABNB is an ideal place for family vacations. Actually it was and still is our family’s summer retreat since 1964. Of course it has been recently renovated to meet any guest needs. So we are also on vacations in the premises ready to answer any questions you may have. After all, in many cases we like inviting our guests in museums, in journeys or to social events that happen in the island during the summer period. And indeed they enjoy every single moment of these activities or happenings.


In The End We Salute Our Friends

Finally for us it’s an honour to host people who travel thousand of miles to visit Lefkada. They are looking forward to exploring this little paradise in Greece. So we love sharing with them all the secret beauties of the island. In other words we want them to feel like locals. In the end we want to salute them as some of our best friends.

Love to hearing from you!

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