SUPerior Water Sport Vacations in Lefkada

Discover a Water Sports Paradise in Greece

SUPerior Watersport Vacations in Lefkada
Surfers starting point on Agios Ioannis Beach in the evening

This summer discover the best Greek island for water-sports. Lefkada, one of the seven Ionian islands in Greece offers some amazing places for any kind of water sport fans. Whether you are an expert or a beginner Lefkada has got you covered. In particular, the island’s west coast with its wild waves and winds, is ideal for windsurfing or kite surfing. However, in the morning, the wind is calm and the flat water is ideal for kayaking or for stand up paddle boarding, SUP. On the other hand, the east coast of the island with its calm and swallow bays is ideal for sailing or for SUPing too. In other words, enjoy your SUPerior water sport vacations in Lefkada!!

SUPerior Beach Vacations in Lefkada

SUPerior beach vacations in Lefkada
SUP fan on Agios Ioannis beach in the morning

Of course the ideal place for a flat water SUP fan or for a SUP surfer fulfils standard criteria. First, it should be a spot with flat water or with gentle small waves. Second, you need a beach with a sandy bottom and no presence of rocks. Third, you need a beach provides a safe access otherwise it is hard to push your SUP in. Also, you need a beach without many other SUPers to avoid hitting someone in case you are a beginner. Furthermore, you might need to rent a SUP that fits you better and for the best deal just click here. Finally, there are so many spots in Lefkada to enjoy SUPing. However, Agios Ioannis beach is an ideal beach for SUPing either in the morning or late in the evening. A great idea to enjoy the stunning sea sunsets as well.

In other words, enjoy your SUPerior water sport vacations in Lefkaseabnb in Lefkada.

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