Superstar Beaches in Greece

4 Photos of Superstar Beaches in Lefkada

1. Porto Katsiki Beach

4 Superstar beaches in Greece, Porto Katsiki Lefkada

If you are looking for superstar beaches in Greece then Porto Katsiki is one of them. In particular, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and Europe. Lush vegetation on the surrounding cliffs and the incredible turquoise waters of the sea create stunning scenery for the newcomers. It is located southwest of Lefkada and it is better to be there early in the morning to avoid crowds.

2. Egremni Beach

Superstar beaches in Greece Egremni beach Lefkada

Another wild beach is Egremni a virgin beach that due to its color has been named the bluest in the world!! If you are fit enough to descend the new long staircase that leads to the beach, swimming there will reward you a once in a lifetime experience! However, do not forget that you have also to ascend the stair on your way back to the hotel. Of course, in August, it is better to be there early in the morning to find parking and avoid crowds.

3. Milos Beach

Superstar beaches in Greece Milos Beach Lefkada

It is another wild superstar beach surrounded by lush vegetation and accessed by foot or by boat from Agios Nikitas village. The turquoise colors of the sea seduce all the visitors. However, today it becomes quite popular and it is better not to visit when the weather is windy because of the big waves and its unusual currents.

4. Ai Giannis Beach

Superstar beaches in Greece Aigiannis Lefkada

Finally, we could not omit Ai Giannis or Agios Ioannis romantic beach with the most beautiful sea sunsets in Greece.  Also, it is a water sports venue like a kite and windsurfing with a kite surfing Academy accessible on foot just beside at the old windmills beach. Furthermore, there are many options to choose from cozy beach bars to seafront tavernas, and enjoy there lunch, dinner, or an aperitif during the sunset moments.

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