Surfers beach Agios Ioannis and me

surfers beachsurfers beach

Hi, I’m PANOS from surfers beach.

Every summer me and my family used to spend our vacations here on surfers beach of Agios Ioannis in Lefkas, Greece. The story starts long time ago since 1964.

I started learning how to swim and say farewell to the sun on this wonderful sandy beach. In the evenings, I used to relax on the sand after snorkelling. Later, I remember myself adoring the sun during its marvellous colourful slow dive into the sea. It’s a habit I often do until now. Sometimes I grab the chance to take photos of this fantastic moment.

In old times, at this secluded area there was shortage of electricity and water supply. We only had some portable oil lamps and our well. That clear and crystal potable water from our well was something I would never forget. However, that time despite the lack of technology we almost had fun every day. Plenty of laughs, dance and songs from my parents, my brother and my sisters were the answers to our problems.

Our seafront cottage was full of life with trees and vegetables of any kind. My father’s hobby was gardening and planting roses was one of his favorites.  However, he loved fishing more than everything else in his short life. He was fishing from this beach using his own special techniques. For this reason, that time he became a well-known fisherman in the town. Unfortunately, fishing proved to become a fatal hobby for him.

In the summer

my father, due to his job, he was the town banker, he used to invite friends and neighbours for lunch or dinner. After all, my mother’s warm hospitality was always remarkable by our guests. In particular, she liked to cook fresh fish to please everyone in the company. Therefore, those gatherings were very often the talk of the town. After all, we had good fresh fish almost every day in our daily lunch menu. Of course, every morning, fishermen were selling their fish on their boats just outside of our entrance!

Today, we keep on spending our summer vacations here as always we used to do as kids. We really enjoy every single day of our life here. Along with our own children we live happily in our little summer paradise. Of course, it’s the Greek mentality and the good, sunny weather which makes us to withstand any problems and try to move on. Like Zorba the Greek !!

Well, I hope to see you in Lefkas this summer. I’m eager to hear about your life story.