Surviving Paradise in Lefkada

Surviving Paradise Lefkada

Porto Katsiki Lefkada Surviving Paradise
Porto Katsiki Lefkada Surviving Paradise

If you like reality TV shows like Big Brother filmed in wild nature and on tropical beaches then you should watch the Surviving Paradise show on Netflix. Once more, Lefkada has become popular worldwide because of its tropical landscape and its superstar beaches! In particular, the island’s wild nature combined with the bluest beaches in the world make a blue and green scenery an ideal location for filming reality shows.

Location – Story – Actors

The exact location is in a luxurious villa just above one of the most beautiful beaches in the world the Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkada. The story as usual is that the last participant who manage to stay at this paradise takes it all. In particular, the reward is 100.000 dollars so it’s a hard contest for everyone involved. All the actors are Instagram influencers that come from the USA and all of them felt in love with the place. The scenario includes two groups, the insiders and the outsiders. The first group live inside the villa and the second group live outside both trying to survive and avoid elimination from the game. The location and its surrounding area will impress you and will make you want to share it with your friends.

So, if you are planning to travel to Greece next summer it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit Lefkada and discover its wild blue and green beauties. Moreover, the island is ideal either for honeymooners or for families as it offers amazing sea sunsets, stunning beaches and any kind of sport activities.

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