2 Travel or not 2 Travel That is the Question

Travel Means Freedom

Travel is a human’s right and not a privilege. However, during the covid pandemic, travel restrictions have been applied in many countries around the world. Of course, their governments took austere measures like strict lockdowns to protect the public health. Also, as the number of positive covid cases increased in some countries, the local authorities finally resorted to close the borders as well. However, today, the vaccination campaign in some countries is going fine which makes their respective leaders to release the strict measures. In particular, they open the borders under conditions for example, if these countries have a low pandemic profile. In accordance with the European Union ECDC map the green countries have low rates of covid positivity. So, as the summer gets closer the question is: 2 travel or not 2 travel 2 these countries?

Positivity rates, updated 22 April 2021

2 Travel or not 2 Travel 4 Business

Of course, today travelling for business is not a wise choice anymore. In particular, all the big companies schedule their board meetings by videoconferences. Also, the remote work from home is what the employers usually ask from their employees. Unless it can’t be avoided companies do not recommend a business travel anymore. Of course, this dramatic change has created million of job losses to travel related businesses like airline companies. At least, the decrease of business travels especially those demanding overseas flights has a positive effect to the environment.

Travel But With Confidence

2 travel or not to travel 2 Lefkada

However, welfare and recreation will always be vital needs for the people all over the world. For this reason, to travel is another way to fulfil these needs. In particular, we travel for recreation and that great feeling of freedom which is so invaluable! After all, the freedom of movement is a fundamental human’s right. So, yes, this summer and every summer do not hesitate to travel either alone with friends or with your beloved ones. Just choose your favorite destination. Let yourselves have the pleasant summer break you deserve. However, due to pandemic you should travel with precautions and all the necessary papers you need to carry with you. Prior your final decision just check the health protocol requirements of your favorite destination and off you go! Travel but with confidence!

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