4 Secrets for Recreation Holidays in Lefkada

Unforgettable Recreation Holidays in Lefkada

Either you are a beach or a mountain lover, Lefkada has got you covered. This summer discover one of the seven Ionian islands in Greece mostly renowned for its terrific beaches. However, the island’s lush vegetation with the beautiful picturesque mountainous villages will seduce and the most weird traveller. Besides, after the lock down, all of us are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. And the answer to this is simple, slow vacations in Lefkada. The ideal destination to experience how to stop time during vacations. In other words, let us disclose you now the 4 secrets for recreation holidays in Lefkada!

4 secrets for recreation holidays in Lefkada

4 Secrets for Recreation of Body & Soul on Vacations

First of all, slow vacations means to forget about time! Hence, the first thing you should do is to get rid of your watch. After doing this then start enjoying the first secret. Sleep, and sleep well at least 8 hours per day. After all sleep is the vacation that body goes on every night. However, to unlock the secret of a good sleep you need the keys of the other 3 secrets.

In particular, next secret refers to the point that each destination offers a variety of local specialities. Tasting the majority of them is very much recommended. So, to eat and drink well is another secret to please yourself on vacations. However, heavy and spicy food should be avoided for 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Lefkada as an island has quite a few fish shops in the centre of the town. Of course you would find fresh and cheap fish only early in the morning. However, you don’t need to worry about this. Most of the fishermen accept preorders by paying them something in advance to keep for you separately the kind of fish you like. Regarding drinking, Lefkada is renowned in Greece for its popular red and white varieties of wine. Trying both of them on your Lefkaseabnb seafront balcony with a good company before going to bed.

travel of senses lefkada local wine 4 secrets for recreation holidays

Recreation Holidays for Body & Soul

In the morning take a deep breath on the balcony and feel the stroke of the sea breeze. Walk or jog either on the beach or on the rural road that crosses the wild old olive trees forest. Alternatively, be aware that Lefkada is also an ideal island either for cycling or for hiking. In other words during your holidays don’t forget to exercise yourself. After all, exercising your body well in a lovely natural environment is another secret for perfect vacations. And this is another reason at the end of a beautiful day to go in bed with peace of mind.

Cross country running Lefkada 4 secrets for recreation holidays

Last but not least, and this is difficult to achieve it. Switching off the technology like laptops, mobile phones and TVs is a mean to experience mindfulness vacations. In fact it’s the right way for your body and soul detoxification. Respecting your body, the house of soul, by making a break from the digital city life is the last secret to unlock the freedom of your mind. And finally it’s the best way to enjoy a good sleep on your vacations and a rejuvenation of your body and soul.

With all that said and after disclosing you the 4 secrets for recreation holidays, let us welcome you in Lefkada. The ideal island after lock down for vacations which has access by car!!

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