7 Good Reasons to Visit Lefkada

Find Here 7 Good Reasons 2 Go 2 Lefkada

Are you looking to travel to a Greek island not so popular like Santorini or Mykonos? Are you a beach lover or a hiking fan? Do you like tasting local kitchen and products? Then it’s time to visit Lefkada. One of the seven Ionian islands of Greece. An island mostly renowned for its stunning beaches! However, it is also a summer destination for a number of other reasons. In other words, find here 7 good reasons to visit Lefkada.

7 good reasons to visit Lefkada Egremni beach
Egremni beach, Lefkada

1. The Best Bluest Beaches : Milos – Egremni – Porto Katsiki

Without doubt, the whole west coast of Lefkada has a unique turquoise colour with some of the best bluest beaches in the world!! In particular, big white cliffs over long and sandy beaches create an amazing scenery for every visitor. For this reason, Milos beach, Egremni beach and Porto Katsiki beach should be the number 1 in your list of sightseeing. Of course, you should get there with all the necessary equipment like bottlewater and a sun umbrella at least.

2. The Best Water-sports Destination in Greece

7 good reasons to visit Lefkada kite surfing
Kite surfing on Agios Ioannis beach, Lefkada

If you love water sports like kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing then you have another good reason to visit Lefkada. For example, the west coast of the island is usually windy in the evening. For this reason, it is perfect for kite and wind surfers. On the other hand, the east coast offers calm seas and fair winds. For this reason, it is perfect for sailing or for kayaking fans as well. The choice is yours.

3. The Best 4 Hiking Fans & Countryside Walkers

Lefkada for hiking fans
Hiking in Lefkada, on the way to the waterfalls

Mountainous Lefkada is full of trail roads and impressive paths! In particular, a trail runner or a simple country walker will soon discover here a paradise of interesting walks or runs even waterfalls!

4. The Best Private Cruise Around Lefkada Islets

7 good reasons to visit Lefkada Private Cruise
Sailing around Lefkada islets

Sailing with your family around Ionian islands is really a lifetime experience. In particular, the paradise scenery on the east coast of Lefkada to Scorpios, Meganisi, Kastos and other nearby islets is a lovely moment you would never forget. However, you do not need to be a sailor to enjoy such a private cruise. There are many rental spots in Lefkada where you can rent a rib or a simple boat without licence. Just choose the one that better fits to the number of members of your family or company and set sail to a green-blue paradise.

5. The Best Lentils and Salami in Greece!!

7 good reasons to visit Lefkada Eglouvi Lentils

Drive on mountainous Lefkada and have lunch or dinner in the little square of Eglouvi village. Of course you should try there the most delicious lentils in Greece. Also, the local salami is famous for its garlic aroma and its own unique taste. Try the local salami with a glass of local red wine of Vertzami local grapes variety.

6. Interesting Archaeological sites in and nearby Lefkada

Visit Lefkada Nikopolis Odeon
Nikopolis Odeon

One of the biggest battles in history of ancient Greece on 31 B.C. happened nearby Lefkada, in Aktion. Also, because of this battle, the Romans built Nikopolis, one of the biggest cities in antiquity. The remnants of the city and its respective museum are only 30 km away from Lefkada. Also the Santa Maura Castle at the entrance of Lefkada is quite interesting for an evening walk on its defence walls.

7. An Island Reachable by car!

Lefkada causeway
Lefkada access by car

Lefkada has a unique privilege as it has access by car through a causeway drive and a floating bridge! In other words, the island is much more safe for those who prefer travelling by car due to the recent pandemic. And of course the closest international port, Igoumenitsa and airport Aktion, are only one hour and a half hour away respectively.

In conclusion, these 7 good reasons to visit Lefkada are only a few of many others you will discover by yourself when you start feeling like a local in this blue and green little paradise on earth!!