A Journey Back in Time to Lefkada

A Journey Back in Time to Lefkada

A Journey Back in Time to Lefkada
Old Windmills, Lefkada, Greece

Lefkada, one of Greece’s seven Ionian islands, remains an unspoiled island through centuries. Thanks to its inhabitants who love their island and its nature, Lefkada still resists over-tourism. For example, just recently the locals managed to cancel a big tourist project to keep their favorite beach “Kastro” intact and as it was many decades ago. In other words, a completely abandoned beach with dilapidated buildings. For this reason, a journey back in time to Lefkada is like traveling to old sceneries, local traditions, and habits. For example, the old flour windmills after “Kastro” beach were built around 1800, and still, their remnants stand there without any renovations or interventions from the local authorities for tourist purposes.

Old Churches & Museums in the Old Town of Lefkada

Journey back in time to Lefkada Agios Minas
Agios Minas, Lefkada, Greece

So, if you are about to visit Lefkada this summer then a stroll in the old town is recommended. Wandering in its picturesque alleys every visitor will be surprised by the number of old Venetian churches. In particular, the most beautiful are the old ones of Agios Minas and Pantokrator. However, the oldest on the island is the chapel of Agios Ioannis which was built in 1330 approximately and is located on the outskirts of the town on the same name beach. Finally, the Orpheus folklore museum and the old phonographs museum near the main square of the old town for sure will take you on another journey back in time.

Back in time Agios Ioannis Beach Lefkada
Agios Ioannis Oldest Beach in Lefkada, Greece

Swim to the oldest beach in Lefkada

Last but not least swim to Agios Ioannis, the oldest beach in Lefkada! It should be the last thing to do in your journey. Have a stroll to the house on the rock that is a trademark of the beach for decades. Walk among the oldest olive trees on the island on the rural road just behind of the beach. Finally, enjoy one of the best sea sunsets on the island and have dinner with fish soup at the local beach tavern. Of course, during your journey, we will be very glad to host you in our seafront guesthouses in LEFKASEABNB.