Picturesque chapels of Lefkas Ionian islands


Despite the fact that Lefkada is an excellent summer destination with some jaw dropping beaches, it is also an ideal place for walkers and nature-lovers. As a matter of fact the visitor can follow a large number of paths that lead to picturesque chapels in charming sceneries. So, in case you love walking in the countryside here is a worth seeing list of beautiful chapels in the island :

picturesque chapels lefkas isalnd

Santa Maura or Agia Mavra in Greek

The church of Santa Maura is inside the same name castle you see just prior the floating bridge at the entrance of the island. Both were built around 1330 AD by Franks. They named both the castle and the church Saint Maure to honour their same name home city in France. Later the Venetians converted the castle to fortress and called the whole island Santa Maura. The current church was rebuilt in 1880 AD by a donator and Major of Greek Army Nick Tseroulis. Santa Maura is the patron Saint of the capital of Lefkada. The locals honour her every year on 3rd of May.

Agios Ioannis of Anjou

The church of Agios Ioannis is inside a rock at the end of the same name bay. Actually it’s the oldest one in the island. The picturesque chapel was also rebuilt by the Franks of Anjou. According to the legend it was Apostle Paul on his way to Rome that disembarked on this beach. He found the rocky cave and made there the first Christian preaching in the island. Without doubt, it is one of the best picturesque chapels of the island. For this reason, quite a few weddings take place there in the summer. Definitely you should pay a visit by having a romantic walk on the same name beach especially at sunset time.

picturesque chapels Lefkas

Agia Kiriaki

Another must visit picturesque church which is also in a rock in Vlicho bay just opposite of Nidri village. It’s better to visit the church by taking a boat from Nidri. The surrounding area was a private property of the famous German Archeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld. In particular, he made excavations in Nidri area in 1908 and he was the creator of the theory that Lefkada was the Homer’s Ithaca. Finally, his grave is close to the church as his wish was to get buried there before he died in 1940. The locals honour Aghia Kiriaki every year on 7th of July.

Agios Donatos

This church is on a 900m altitude hill just above the Eglouvi village. The locals built the church in 1980 to honour their Bishop Donatos. He died after he fell from a tower close to the village during the time of Christians persecutions around 284 AD. Also, the path to the church starts from the central square of the village and the view is very beautiful. The locals honour Agios Donatos every year on 7th of August. Moreover, on 6th of August the Eglouvi lentils festival takes place in the surrounding area of the church with lots of songs dances and free dishes of cooked lentils.

There are many other picturesque chapels in the island which you can visit by following the walking guide of your choice here However, prior you leave the island you should also visit the Faneromeni monastery of Virgin Mary (Panagia in Greek) who is the patron saint of the island.

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