Kite Surfing to Lefkada

Kitesurfing to Lefkada

Kitesurfing to Agios Ioannis Lefkada
Agios Ioannis Beach Lefkada

There are many places for kite surfing in Greece. However, Lefkada is renowned as the Greek island of watersports and for its stunning beaches. In particular, the sandy beach of Agios Ioannis has a reputation in the community of advanced kite surfers. But why go kite surfing to Lefkada? Why the beach of Agios Ioannis (Ai Giannis) is recommended by advanced kite surfers.

A Hidden Gem for Kite Surfing

Surfers on Agios Ioannis Beach Kite surfing to Lefkada
Surfers on Agios Ioannis Beach

First of all, the best period for kite surfing in Lefkada is from June to August. Only during that period, the wind is reliable for kite surfers. In particular, the wind speed in June is from 10 to 20 Knots, and in July and August much stronger from 20 to 25 Knots. So, for a rookie to the sport, the best month is in June. Furthermore, the wind is thermal and comes almost always from the Northwest to the shore. Also, the wind starts around 2 p.m. and drops one hour before sunset. By the way, the sea sunsets of Agios Ioannis beach are truly romantic. However, if you also like Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) or kayaking then the calm sea in the morning is ideal for both of them. Finally, the place with its deep waters and the smooth wind is ideal for foiling as well.

Location and Facilities

Why kitesurfing to Lefkada
Agios Ioannis Sunset

Agios Ioannis is a beautiful beach awarded with a blue flag for its facilities. A kite school and a lot of cozy beach bars and decent beachfront restaurants you can find here. All of them offer local traditional food and fresh fish. Also, you can enjoy your favorite drink on the beach relaxing on their sun beds. Last but not least, the place is only 5 minutes by car from the town of Lefkada. Of course, the town offers plenty of options for shopping and coffee, lunch, or dinner. Finally, there are plenty of options for accommodation and for any wallet.

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