Take Part in Angelos Sikelianos Festival

The international festival Angelos Sikelianos takes place in several regions of Greece as Delphic Cultural Heritage Days. In particular, this year the closing ceremony for the 70 years from the death of National Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos is in Lefkada on 26th of September. The great poet was born in Lefkada on 28th of March in 1884 and died on 19th of June in 1951. Sikelianos not only was a globally famous poet but also a great visionary. He and his wife Eva Palmer were inspired by the Pythian Games. The Ancient Greek athletic and music festival of Delphi. Both Eva and Angelos were believers in a world of living with peace and harmony. So, they came up with the idea to revive those celebrations in Delphi. In other words, they just wanted to make the ancient Greek spot a point of global reference of culture and arts in general. So, in case you are in Lefkada this weekend then take part in Angelos Sikelianos festival and its cultural events.

Aims of Angelos Sikelianos Festival

Delphi take part in Angelos Sikelianos festival

The new festival aims to attract artists from all over the world to take part in a manifestation event which promotes the ancient Greek belief that culture and athletics unite peoples. After all, during the Pythian celebrations in Delphi all hostilities stopped for three months. Today, all Greek regions that Angelos Sikelianos visited in his life try to revive the spirit of the Pythian Games. They take part in this global event which aims to become a forum for the people of Letters and Arts worldwide. Of course, the centre of the festival will always be the Sikelianos Museum in Lefkada.